Focus on drilling, not paper work.

digital bore logging app

Stop chasing your team for bore logs.

BOREHOG saves you from the hassle of paper-based bore logging that’s prone to double handling, tedious manual data entry, loss and damage.

Mitigate the risk of information loss and misinterpretation. Eliminate the burden of physically handing in and processing paper-based bore logs.

sync bore logs with office

Seamless flow between site and office.

BOREHOG automatically syncs data between site and office in near real-time, increasing project visibility and efficiency - from the first utility located through to pipe pulled.

The centralised digital repository of all bore logs, located utilities, photos and more ensures project data is always at your fingertips.

easy to use bore logging app

Easy to use, get started in minutes.

BOREHOG is a user-friendly, modern and efficient way to log the bore. It is vendor agnostic, which means you won’t need any special locating equipment.

Use your existing locating gear and start saving countless hours per year. Technology doesn't need to be complicated.

digital bore log requirements

Supercharged accuracy and detail.

BOREHOG mobile app increases the accuracy and completeness of as-built bore logs in the field. Set clear expectations for drill crews so everyone is on the same page.

Enable drill crews to easily comply with your customers digital requirements and meet expectations, they will love the level of detail you provide.

HDD office bore log management

In the office.

Delegate projects and monitor progress of the bore, anywhere, anytime via the Operations Portal. No more waiting until the end of the day or calling to check-in.

Make life easier for business owners, project managers and admin teams. Review past and present bore logs with a quick search, no more sifting through the filing cabinet.

  • Delegate projects to crews in seconds.
  • Review bore progress in near real-time.
  • Deliver reports quickly to your customers.
  • Meet your customers digital requirments.

On the job site.

Easily create digital as-built bore logs from the field with the app designed by drillers for drillers. Rod-by-rod visibility synced directly to the Operations Portal in near real-time.

Ditch the pen and paper for good, log the bore with ease and flexibility. Never worry about keeping track of; and handing in paper bore logs again.

  • Quickly and effectively log the bore.
  • Identify and log existing located utilities.
  • Capture site photos with custom overlays.
  • Map the bore or located utilities with GPS.
HDD bore log app log job site

"BOREHOG has streamlined a key aspect of our drilling operations. The app is simple to use for field staff and requires minimal training to implement, we have logs back in our office instantly and most importantly all our clients love it. The pricing is more than reasonable and we would never go back to paper logs again. "

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Mitchell Swan
Managing Director at United Infrastructure Services

Streamline the project hand-over process.


GPS & Google Maps Integration

Get the bigger picture with GPS & Google Maps integration. View and plot rods or located utilities markers on the map, tap on a marker to show more details.

As-builts with Flexibility

Flexible rod-by-rod as-builts. Automatically record date and time. Enter notes for extra information such as alignment deviations. Log the terrain for variations and rock claims.

Evidence Camera & Custom Overlays

Capture important details with Evidence Cam overlays. Show GPS, timestamp, address, description and more. Provide proof of claims such as drill head wear and existing damage.

Export Digital Project Reports

Export comprehensive digital bore logs and reports in seconds from the Operations Portal. Save hundreds of labour-hours each year. Focus on drilling, not paperwork.

Assign Projects to your Crews

Delegate projects to your crews in seconds from the office or on the go. Crews receive a notification when a project is assigned. No more paper folders cluttering up the truck.

Clone Existing Bore Logs

Clone an existing bore log to save time for multiple bores in the same project. Change only what is needed such as start and finish points, saving additional time on the job site.

Measurement Unit Conversions

Metric and imperial measurement unit support ensures on-the-fly conversions between measurement units depending on your settings. Meter, feet or inch? You decide.

Simple Image Manager

Manage all photos conveniently in one place. Keep things organised for quick access. No more chasing up photos from multiple sources. Quickly provide proof of works to customers.

Online & Offline Data Sync

Automatically sync with the Operations Portal for near real-time as-built bore log handover. No cell signal? No worries! Data will be synced once you are back online.

More cool features and enhancments coming soon. Have a suggestion? let us know.